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Bike and Scooter

You want to explore the island?!

Rent a bike or scooter, get the right infos from our stuff and find Hvar’s hidden beauties!

Hvar has signed bike roads which pass by unique and beautiful scenery, lavander & rosemary as well as vine & olive fields. You will enjoy the view of old villages and fortresses…all that with the most astonishing overviews.

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The Ager Route – Stari Grad- Faros- Cycling through history

The Ager cycle route is suitable even for the curious ones without any cycling expiriance: everyone will easily master its moderate length and its smaill altitude span. It is also the oldest route, which had been used for commuting by local a long time before the first bicyles appeared. Many generatons of the islanders have left trace of their time in the plain which is why it is a real archeological site. Ager or Stari Grad Plain is protected by UNESCO in 2008. In addition to the Ager route, a ride along narrow asphalted roads from one village to another should not be missed.
Rout lenght: 11,49 km
Altitude span: 62 m