Oldtimer VW Beetle

Red, pink, green, blue or stylish black – pick Your favorite color and you are ready to discover the island!



Hvar town by the panoramic road

First discover the traditional side of Hvar by driving along the panoramic road that will take You trough lavender and rosemary fields, along 16th century villages and offer you incredible views of our neighbor islands and the coast and then mix with the high society in Hvar town! Restaurants, cafes, shops, jewelry designers, museums and great architecture make Hvar town the most desirable tourist destination in Croatia!
The motto is: See and be seen!
On Your way back take the new road and take a refreshing swim in Milna bay!

The village tour

Start your tour by driving through the UNESCO protected ancient field, make stops to discover Trim = stone shelters built without any morter as well as the 2000 years old stone walls, continue to Vrbanj, first out of three picturesque little villages of the islands inland, stop by in Vrisnik for lunch at konoba Vrisnik a beautiful little tavern and tay a peka (a traditional Dalmatian dish) but don’t forget to order in advance because its being prepared for over two hours!
After lunch relax at Jelsa’s sandy beaches, have an ice cream on the main square and head back to little Venice- as Vrboska is called in Croatia!

Faros and its Hora

Faros meaning Lighthouse was a greek settlement founded in the 4th century before Christ! Drive trough wine and olive fields that are being cultivated for more then 2000 years, discover where all the fruits and vegetables of the island come from, walk through the ancient city and discover why Faros is nowadays called Stari Grad and why it is a UNESCO sight!


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